Insurance Accepted

We are so happy to offer you different options for your care. Alas, all insurance policies are not created equally. Payment of your appointment is your responsibility regardless of your insurance coverage or status. Your insurance is a contract between you and the insurance carrier; we are not a party to that contract. Please contact your insurance company to check for deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays. We will do our best to screen in advance, but you are ultimately responsible for all outstanding payments. We offer a la carte services for our out-of-pocket patients and for those services not covered by your insurance plan.


  • Aetna

  • Independence Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • Amerihealth

  • Cigna

  • UnitedHealthCare

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Highmark

  • please contact us for more information as we are still in the credentialing process


Consultation (60 mins) $350

Medication Management $250

Therapy or Family Integration (30-60 mins $250-$550)

Forms $10-$50*

Email Consultation  $25-$100**

Prior Authorization $25-$250

Medication Refills (See Refill Requests)

* In the rare circumstances that legal consultations, appearances in court or lengthy forms, letters, etc. are needed, the rates above do not apply. Also, any consultations that require Dr. Peshek to book time outside the office need to be scheduled at least 72 hours prior. Rates will be discussed case by case.

**current patients only


Appointments can be requested through the Contact option on this site or by email request: All scheduling will be done electronically, we do not schedule through our office phones. We will take a Credit Card before your first appointment to keep on file for co-pays and patient requests, no appointment will be scheduled until it is received. 

Cancellation Policy

Each appointment time is reserved exclusively for a specific patient. If you are unable to come to an appointment, please email the office 24-hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment or you will be subject to a $60 no-show fee. It is our policy that after the second no-show we will require full session payment in advance of your next appointment. It is also possible that we will send you a letter discontinuing services. If you arrive late to an appointment, we will try to fit you into the schedule (this is at Dr. Peshek's discretion) If we are unable to accommodate you, a missed appointment fee will be applied. While we are very sympathetic to the fact that situations arise in life that may make it difficult to come to an appointment or give the required notice- car trouble, illness, child care problems, etc. we are unable to make exceptions to this policy.


How do you handle phone calls? 

We are not always immediately available by telephone. When we are unavailable, our telephone will be answered by voicemail.  If you are unable to reach us urgently and feel that you cannot wait for us to return your phone call, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room and ask for the psychiatrist on call. Please be sure to leave us a message about the issue. In the event of a true emergency FIRST call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If I will be unavailable for an extended time such as going on vacation or a conference, I will let you know in advance. Dr. Peshek and staff are happy to offer the convenience of email. When email is used for administrative matters (such as scheduling, billing questions, post appointment issues or for communication that doesn't require a response) no fee is charged. If a patient uses email to ask a care-related question that requires the doctor's time and clinical expertise and cannot wait for the next scheduled appointment, an email consultation fee applies.  


What is the medication refill policy? 

Patients are asked to track their supply, and to ensure they have an appointment scheduled before they run out of medication. Patients can use our Refill Request to fill medication in between visits- there is a fee for this service* Prescriptions will be electronically sent only for current patients. Please choose an EPCS enabled pharmacy. In general, medication management issues should be addressed during regularly scheduled appointments. For medication management appointments (once monthly or less frequently), when an appointment is postponed, it is possible that only one week of medication will be sent in. If a patient continues to postpone appointments, We retain the discretion to provide refills only after the patient is seen in a follow up session. All patients must be seen at least every 3 months. Refills are NEVER added to your prescriptions.

* see Refill Requests


How do you handle Prior Authorization/Insurance Requests for Medication?

If your insurance company or your pharmacy informs you that your medication requires a prior authorization, please follow these instructions precisely.

  • Call your insurance company (pharmaceutical division) and ask them to fax Dr. Peshek the Prior Authorization form for the medication at 215.755.0987

  • Have your insurance company fill in all your identifier information, including name, medication, and all of the insurance identifier numbers.

  • If your insurance company insists that "The Doctor must call," you will be charged for Dr. Peshek's time in making this call. Insurance phone line wait times can take hour or more. All companies have a simple form which can be faxed to the office. If they tell you they do not have such a form, call back and get another representative on the line and Dr. Peshek is confident they will fax it. This process may take 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Remember that prior authorizations seems to be an annual requirement for each medication and dosage change, so plan accordingly.